SiYarn Protects us.

We Provide High Performance Fabrics and Yarns Made from Aramid, Modacrylic, FR-Viscose, UHMWPE and many other materials.


NO steel
NO Fiberglass

With the advanced property of UHMWPE, we are creatting cut resistant fabrics that are more effective and heathier.

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Cut resistance
Strainless Steel Core-spun Kevlar® Yarn

Enjoy the best
design and functions combined together

Thanks to improvement on spinning technology, now we can present you the best core-spun yarn, which is widely used to make high performance gloves, socks, fabric, etc.

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Aluminized Para-aramid Fabrics 

We have best yarns and fabrics in your field!

We Know it well of the property of fibers. 
We source the right materials and present you the just right protection.

Fire Resistance Yarns and Sewing Threads

Meta aramid/Para aramid/Modacrylic/FR Viscose/Cotton 
For Knitting/Weaving/Seaming


Fire Resistance Fabrics

Fire & heat resistant fabrics made from Aramid/modacrylic/FR viscose/antistatic, etc. with different finishment & coating. 


Cut Resistance Yarns

We supply cut resistance yarns for gloves and fabrics in different cut protection level, range from ANSI 4 – 6.


Meta Aramid Spun Yarns

With its property of excellent heat & flame resistance, mata aramid is widely used in industries of automotive eletrical insulation, emergency response and industrial workers protection.


Fire Resistantce Fabrics

We provide solutions for different industries. 


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