Modacrylic Blends Protex-C Blends

Modacrylic Blends Protex-C Blends

Inherently Fire Resistant Yarn Modacrylic Yarn Protex-C/M Blends


Protex® is an inherently flame resistant modacrylic fiber that enhances finished fabrics with flame extinguishing benefits. Because Protex fibers are inherently flame resistant, their FR properties never wash out or wear off.

Property: Heat and Fire Resistance, soft, comfortable, easy to dye

Composition: Protex Fiber/Aramid/Lenzing FR/non-FR fibers such as Lyocell or rayon

Count: Ne 5s ~ 60s

Plies: 1 ~4 plies

Color: White or  customized

Application: Weaving, Kniting, Clothes, Garments, Underwear.

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