Para-aramid Plain Woven Fabric 670gsm

Para-aramid Plain Woven Fabric 670gsm

Key features:

  1. High Strength and Durability: The double warp and double weft construction significantly increases the fabric’s tensile strength and durability. This makes it highly resistant to tearing and abrasion.
  2. Enhanced Stability: This weaving method provides superior dimensional stability, meaning the fabric maintains its shape and structure even under stress.
  3. Improved Density: The double layer of both warp and weft threads results in a denser fabric. This enhances its overall toughness and protective capabilities.
  4. Excellent Heat and Flame Resistance: Made from 100% high quality para-aramid fiber, exceptional resistance to heat and flames.
  5. Good Flexibility: Despite its density and strength, this fabric can maintain a degree of flexibility, which is crucial for applications where movement is necessary. It is widely used as lining for cut and fire resistant gloves.
  6. Cut Resistance: The dense and strong weave pattern provides excellent resistance to cuts and punctures, which is essential for protective clothing and gear.
  7. Chemical Resistance.


Item #: PW670

Fabric Properties

Composition: 100% Para-aramid spun yarn

Fabric Weight: 670gsm±50gsm

Thickness: 1.3±0.1mm

Color: Golden


High-performance and protective applications, including body armor, industrial safety gear, and fire-resistant clothing.

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